Welcome to DNA Fitness by Laura

It was 26 years ago I eagerly started in the fitness industry Aberdeen, Scotland because I wanted to be healthy for my children. With two very young beautiful children at the time, I excitedly embarked on my exercise to music course to educate me, give me a skill to work and to teach my children how to be active and eat healthily.


Luckily for me all my wonderful children are active as adults, it paid off for me. They all enjoy being active, either walking, snowboarding, playing rugby or simply hill walking. I enjoy being with them watching or taking part with them being active around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Even though I have done a vast array of fitness industry qualifications in the last 26 years, my best skill is enabling people to learn, about themselves and what is important to them. Health and fitness was really important to me in my early 30’s. It’s now more important than ever as I want to enjoy my life with my family and all our activities together. To do this, I need to be physically fit and able with my wellness for longevity.


With many years experience and vast education in the field I have worked with many clients to support them successfully achieve their goals. I can support you to learn about you.


DNA fitness by Laura is all about you. I ask you the right questions in order to give you the right information that you can successfully achieve your goals for life and most importantly about you. Your DNA reports are a fantastic starting point to being successful with your health, body weight and fitness. They remain a motivating tool for the rest of your life.


Let me share my experience and expertise with you as you design your future health with me and your DNA reports.


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Why use MetaClear?
Will I experience any symptoms of detox, such as headaches?
Do I need to consult my GP before commencing the detox?
Is it suitable for women during peri menopause or menopause?
When can I expect results?
Do you have to exercise during DNA Detox?
I have a pain in my lower back, can you help me?
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