About Laura

Welcome to Personal Exercise Therapy with Laura
I began my journey into the world of health and fitness 26 years ago in Aberdeen, Scotland. My two beautiful children were very young at the time and I wanted to be able to provide for them but also show them how great life can be when you’re healthy and happy. So I embarked eagerly on my journey and in the blink of an eye I ended up here. A Personal Exercise Therapist, empowering my clients to lead the healthiest, happiest lives that they possibly can. I’ve never believed in hammering my clients into shape with rigorous routines. When you train with me, it’s all about nurturing your body with natural nutrition and movement. My clients and I train for vitality, not victory. Because the real prize in life is health.

A bit about me
Luckily for me my wonderful children grew up into active adults. They enjoy being active whether it’s walking, snowboarding, playing rugby or simply hill walking. I enjoy being with them, watching or taking part with them, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire where we live. Ultimately, health and fitness has been so empowering for my family and brought nothing but happiness.

My exercise therapy philosophy
When we talk about personal “training”, this implies teaching, which is a part of what I do. But “therapy” is about healing, relieving and empowering, and this is at the core of my Exercise Therapy philosophy. I believe this is the way health and fitness is supposed to be integrated and I know that I can nurture you on your health and fitness journey, just as I did with my children and countless happy clients over the years.

had the pleasure of assessing Laura Walker in her CIMSPA Chartered application and wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate her once again. Becoming recognised at a chartered level displays recognition of both Laura’s contribution and professional progress. Chartered status acknowledges professionalism and capability, signifying that Laura was assessed against stringent professional membership criteria and demonstrated excellence in skill, knowledge and understanding in the sport and physical activity sector.Kate FordArchon & Archon Academy

How you can become empowered by personal exercise therapy
My pursuit of good health literally provided a pathway towards happiness and prosperity for my family and my mission in life is to nurture others along this path. My health and fitness journey has been personal, emotional and sometimes difficult. But I’ll never look back because it has left me with a profound sense of empathy for those who are struggling with their own health and an inextinguishable drive to support them on this journey.

Even though I have done a vast array of fitness industry qualifications in the last 26 years, my strongest skill by far is enabling people to learn about themselves and what is important to them. Health and fitness was really important to me in my early 30’s. It’s now more important than ever as I want to enjoy my life with my family and all our activities together. To do this, I need to be physically fit and able. But this required me to develop an understanding of my body at the deepest level and this is what I strive to help people like you achieve.

Lets make health and fitness work for you
I can support you to learn about you. Personal trainers like to tell their clients what their body needs and how they should train. My Personal Exercise Therapy methods are designed to help YOU find out what YOUR body needs. Empowerment through health cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Think about your health and fitness routine like a suit. If you really want it to fit you and your lifestyle perfectly, it needs to be bespoke and tailor made for your specific life circumstances.

DNA fitness by Laura is all about you. I ask you the right questions in the right order to give you the right information for your body and your life. It’s about time you became empowered by health and fitness instead of feeling controlled by it and scared of it. It won’t be easy, but I’ll be there to nurture you every step of the way.