Your health at Christmas

Our very recent snowfall in Aberdeen has given us a very romantic picture for Christmas time. Time to enjoy the lights that shine in the dark evenings, time to cwtch […]

Menopause Athlete and Nutrition

Eating for Health – 80/20 rule We all want to be healthy and it makes sense to have a healthy diet to achieve good health, right? Achieving a healthy diet […]

Menopause athlete and cold water swimming

 Swimming Swimming has long been hailed as a great cardiovascular exercise and is certainly produces significant health benefits when done on a regular basis. Recently cold water or open water […]

Are you a Menopause Athlete?

Time for change Peri menopause and Menopause is a great time for assessment and reflection. At menopause many women experience signs and symptoms of menopause and decide they want to […]

Keeping the cycling buzz

The cycling buzz The buzz you get form being on a bike is amazing. To have the freedom to move, at a faster pace than running is what the buzz […]

Are you fit to run? Or run to keep fit?

Fitness For those who run, it’s a fabulous exercise, great for heart health fantastic for your mental health and just a great feeling of I’m doing something to manage my […]

🎶 … Now shake dem skeleton bones! 🎶

Is your caffeine consumption impacting your bone density? Caffeine and osteoporosis are linked. Just 2 cups of coffee a day will stop your body making use of the calcium within […]

Personalised Nutrition

At DNA fitness by Laura I have a long term approach to mental and physical health by looking at you as a whole person. Getting you safely back on track […]