DNA Detox – Getting you back on track.

30min Discovery Session with Laura – £50

During this session you can ask me anything relating to DNA Detox and how it will benefit your wellbeing.

Book your session today, because tomorrow never comes.

DNA Reports & Cook book – £300

If you are someone who is happy to complete the DNA journey on your own or you may have a personal trainer you regularly see who can help you. Or you’re confident in your own ability to use this information, then this package is ideal for you.

Receive your 6 DNA reports and a personalised cook book tailored to your diet and nutritional needs as identified by your DNA Diet and Nutrition reports. Reports take 3 weeks to be delivered to your DNA Portal.

The cook book will take 6 weeks to be delivered to your front door.

DNA Detox -Getting you back to feeling great -£495

If you are someone who would like more explanation around your DNA diet and nutrition journey then this is the programme for you.

My passion is helping people like you to manage your eating so that you can manage your weight. Eating affects how you feel, how you look and can sometimes dominate your mood. A life event may have changed things for you.It doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be controlled by food.

DNA Detox is the first step to get you back to feeling good about you.

If you’re ready for the accountability, then you’re ready to get back on track with DNA Detox.

You will receive

  • Oral DNA Swab test kit
  • Purition Protein powder
  • NutriAdvance – MetaClear – Liver supporting tablets
  • Success Planning Material
  • Individual What’s App support to shift your mindset around food
  • WhatsApp group support from your community
  • Expert advice with your questions
  • Bonus exercise videos
  • 6 DNA Reports
  • DNA Recipe book bespoke to your diet and nutrition (8 weeks for delivery)
  • 28 days of 121 support from Laura

Sign up to DNA Fitness

Receive your Supplements

Fill in Your DNA Kit

Make Your Own Recipes

Post and Await Your Results

During the time you’re waiting for your reports to come back, you will follow DNA Fit – Detox a 14 day programme.

There are 4 days of success planning where you will plan your success for your 10 days of detox.

Throughout all of this, you will be supported by Laura every step of the way, with emails and a WhatsApp group.

DNA Fit – Detox will seriously shift your mindset around food, which will make your DNA reports information easer to plan into your food choices. It resets your thoughts, appetite and energy toward food.

Dieting doesn’t work. DNA Fit – Detox does.

DNA Fit – Detox eliminates dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffine and refined sugar for 10 days.

You will receive MetaClear suppliments and Purition protein powder to support you through detox.

DNA Fit – Detox is not a quick fix, nor is it a fasting programme.

DNA Fit – Detox is a fundamental programme to all DNA fitness by Laura programmes. It will motivate you for a lifetime of enjoyable healthy eating. Sign up today to start feeling healthier.