Keeping the cycling buzz

The cycling buzz

The buzz you get form being on a bike is amazing. To have the freedom to move, at a faster pace than running is what the buzz is all about. The ability to travel anywhere, 10, 20 or even 60 kilometers or more, in one session brings a fantastic sense of freedom and satisfaction knowing its all been powered by your own legs. 

Buzz for health

Cycling is hugely beneficial to heart health, cardiovascular health and of course mental health as you escape your day and cycle to a wonderful place, wherever that may be. Whether it’s road cycling, trail biking, mountain biking or any other kind of cycling, you love it and your not prepared to let anything stop you. For some, cycling is a great way to enjoy exercise. For others, it’s important to measure how far and how fast they move. Enjoyment is the key to all physical activity.

Wanting to go faster, to further or go uphill without a struggle comes down to fitness. What fitness do you do, in between your cycle rides? What do you do to avoid injury? 

Power, strength or endurance?

Your DNA fitness report will tell you the kind or power, strength or endurance breakdown your body will respond to best during fitness programming. It may be that you have heard from others that a particular exercise works for them. But it may not be so beneficial to you. Your DNA fitness report will tell you how to structure your fitness programme to get the most form your cycling. Your DNA fitness report will also tell you where you’ll be prone to injury, low back, knees or ankles and what you can add to your fitness programme to significantly reduce the risk of injury. 

DNA reports avoid common injuries

Given the common sites for cyclists to be injured, low back, hips and knees, it would be great to know how to strengthen these areas to cycle well and avoid the injury in the first place. 

If your report says that you’ll respond better to power work, then adding in plyometric exercises to your fitness programme will increase your ability to go uphill. 

If your report says you’ll respond better to strength work, adding in sprinting and strength resistance trining will support you to improve your time. 

If your report says you’ll respond better to endurance work, adding in running, aerobic classes and endurance strength resistance training will improve the distance that you travel on a bike. 

What are your goals? 

Let your DNA give you the answers you’ve been looking for to achieve your goals, faster than before. 

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