Understand You With DNA Reports

At DNA fitness by Laura you will receive the Pro DNA kit, which gives you 6 unique reports based on your DNA.

What will you find out about you?


Find out how to structure your exercise programmes to get up to three times more results from your fitness training. If injury is something you’re prone to, there are bespoke exercises you can do to reduce the risk of injury. Do you sometimes push past tiredness and exercise anyway? Your DNA fitness report will tell you how much recovery time your body requires between sessions.

If you want Laura’s advice, book a Body Reading programme and she will explain all your reports in detail to you.

What is in your Diet and Nutrition Reports?

The best thing about your DNA diet reports is that all the guesswork is taken away form what to eat. Now you have proof that either a low carb, a Mediterranean diet or a balanced macro nutrient diet is right for you. 

You’ll know how your body metabolises caffeine, how quickly you produce and eliminate toxins and if you have an intolerance to lactose. 

The advice in your nutrition report will tell you if you need more than the average amounts of vitamins, minerals and Omega3 oils.

The information in your reports makes it easier to plan your food choices for your health. It resets your thoughts, appetite and energy toward food. Dieting doesn’t work. DNA Fitness by Laura Programmes do.

Vitamin and Minerals

Your report will tell you if you require more vitamins or minerals more than the average person.

Bone Density

How fast are your bones remodelling, are you at risk of osteoporosis?

Sleep and Stress

Are you a night owl or a morning lark? This report will tell you.


Our genes can affect how we respond to food in many ways.

*These reports are only available via Pro DNA kit.