Personal Exercise Therapy with Laura – Getting your fitness back on track

Laura helps her clients to get their fitness safely back on track and to achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Using your 6 DNAFit Reports, Laura designs a safe, appropriate and effective exercise routine specifically for you. This isn’t some sort of ‘quick fix’ programme, her aim is to empower you through fitness so that you can continue to enjoy the long-term benefits of good health and physical exercise.

When you think about working with Lauren, think about therapy rather than training. There is no pressure for you to achieve maximum power, speed or flexibility. DNA Fitness is about using physical exercise to empower you and optimise your quality of life, not your physical performance.

Exercise Therapy vs Personal Training – What’s the difference?

Laura offers an alternative to personal training through DNA Fitness. Training implies teaching, which is a part of what we do here at DNA fitness. But therapy is supposed to heal and relieve, and this is at the core of Laura’s Exercise Therapy philosophy.

Personal trainers often get tunnel vision when training their clients and become obsessed with numbers and goals. But not everyone wants or needs to train for maximum physical performance. A Personal Exercise Therapist like Laura pursues the ongoing health and quality of life benefits to be gained from fitness training. She helps her clients to develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and this allows them to understand the true meaning of exercise therapy. It’s more than just training to get fit, it’s training to live the healthiest, happiest life that you possibly can.

Understand you, your body and your exercise therapy needs at the deepest possible level with a DNA report.

What a Personal Exercise Therapist can offer you

Laura’s passion and skill has helped hundreds of individuals to reclaim their identity and live happier, healthier lives. Through DNA fitness, Laura supports individuals to manage their own health through nutrition and physical activity. She doesn’t train people for competitions, world records or bragging rights. Laura trains people to pursue better lives for themselves.

Laura has decades of experience working with clients to get their fitness back on track and she uses this to equip individuals with the knowledge required to maintain good health in the long-term. Laura specialises in working with people who:

  • are dealing with diagnosed musculoskeletal injuries post therapy
  • have a diagnosed health condition
  • are new to exercise
  • are going through the menopause.

Personal exercise therapy can be done face-to-face or online, depending on your needs.

All Sessions held at The RoC Clinic in Westhill (Peregrine Road)

Using empathy and exercise to empower individuals

It is becoming all too common to hear personal training stories of people being worked extremely hard, but without any real purpose besides, ‘getting fitter’. This can lead to a lack of motivation and consistency which prevents long-term results. The personal training world is so oversaturated with trainers who preach something like, “my client lost ‘x’ amount of weight and you can do it too”. The thing is, it’s all well and good having statistics to put in your Instagram captions, but health is about more than just numbers.

For Laura, health is about living well, not just doing more reps. She understands that you’re not interested in the programme that works best for most people. You want the programme that works best for you. When you train with Laura your training plan is bespoke, designed for YOUR body, YOUR life, YOUR DNA.

Who is Personal Exercise Therapy for?

Laura wants you to achieve whatever it is you want through fitness, but she wants you to do it FOR YOU, so that you can live the best life that you possibly can. DNA Fitness is about empowering individuals to live happier and healthier lives through exercise and proper nutrition. Rather than ‘training’ the individual until they look healthy or fit to other people.

Laura understands that different people have different reasons to exercise. That’s why she always keeps her clients informed and explains how the exercise impacts their health. Some personal trainers are obsessed with numbers, personal bests and pushing it to the limit. But a personal fitness therapist like Laura uses the real life day-to-day benefits of physical exercise to keep her clients motivated and most importantly, feeling good.

Discover your best self with DNA Fitness

Are you ready to re-discover your confidence, your sense of self-belief and to start feeling like yourself again? Personal Exercise Therapy will help you do all this and more. At DNA Fitness we aim to nurture and teach rather than instruct. We go beyond fitness training. We provide Exercise Therapy to empower our clients.

If you’d like to take the first step towards discovering the happiest, healthiest version of you, book a 30 minute discovery call with Laura today.

In this session you can ask Laura anything you want to know about Personal Exercise Therapy and our DNA Detox service.

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