Personal Training – Getting your fitness back on track

Laura helps her clients to get their fitness safely back on track to achieve health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Using your 6 DNAFit Reports, Laura designs safe, appropriate and effective exercise, which informs and explains how the exercise impacts their health to her clients, which maintains motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Laura’s passion and skill lies with supporting individuals to manage their health through nutrition and physical activity.

With decades of experience in getting clients’ fitnes back on track, Laura specialises in delivering you a long term solution in the following fitness areas:

  • Diagnosed musculoskeletal injuries post therapy
  • A diagnosed health condition
  • New to Exercise
  • Menopause

Personal training can be done face-to-face or online, depending on your needs.

All Sessions held at The RoC Clinic in Westhill (Peregrine Road)

1 Session

Discussion Session

£146/ Hour
6 Hourly Sessions

Programming and Technique⭐RECOMMENDED⭐

12 Hourly Sessions

Achieving Goals