Personalised Nutrition

At DNA fitness by Laura I have a long term approach to mental and physical health by looking at you as a whole person.

Getting you safely back on track with a personalised wellness program like my DNA Detox to change your mindset around nutrition.

With a sample of your DNA you get 6 reports to shape your choices to a healthy-lifestyle.

If you are someone who would like more explanation around your diet and nutrition journey then DNA Detox is the programme for you.

My passion is helping people like you to manage your eating so that you can manage your weight. Eating affects how you feel, how you look and can sometimes dominate your mood.

A life event may have changed things for you.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be controlled by food.

With DNA Detox you have the knowledge, power and support to get you feeling good about yourself, as well as looking good, so that making the right choices for you are not so emotional.

DNA Detox is the first step to get you back to feeling good about you.

DNA Detox programme is 28 days long. Consists of 6 DNA Reports, a personalised DNA Cook book, Detox products & Success Planning material. With daily support in a 121 WhatsApp conversation.

If you’re ready for the accountability, then you’re ready to get back on track with DNA Detox

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