Are you fit to run? Or run to keep fit?


For those who run, it’s a fabulous exercise, great for heart health fantastic for your mental health and just a great feeling of I’m doing something to manage my overall wellbeing. 

Running has a minimal financial cost, all you need is a pair of trainers. I would recommend, for the winter months, a head torch so others can see you. Otherwise, step outside the door and enjoy your time running. 

Injury time

Then, it happens! An unexpected injury which halts your progress. What’s going to happen now? This affects your mood, physical fitness, and ability to live life well. 

First and foremost, you get the injury treated and diagnosed in order to receive the correct therapy and rehabilitation. 

Then, once recovered, you look at what to put into your fitness programme to make you fit to run again, more importantly, avoid the potential for further injury. 

Are you fit to run? Or run to keep fit? 

Whilst any exercise is good, if you’re only doing one form of exercise, this has a potential to increase your risk of injury. Your DNA fitness report will give you an insight into how your DNA will respond to certain points in the body which are prone to injury, such as ACL, Achilles or lower back. 

Pre-Hab & Re-Hab

Exercise with eccentric loading will strengthen your ligaments and you’ll be exercising to avoid the risk of injury. (See my social media videos LI & I this week for further advice) 

If you know you are prone to injury, would you add the relevant exercise into your fitness programme to avoid potential injury? To keep you running? To keep your mental and physical good health?

Be fit to run, be fit to play sport be fit to live life. It’s only when we are challenged during our fitness training we are able to do the things we want to do easily and well. Life feels good, and we’re happy. 

DNA fitness programming gets you faster results and a better understanding of you, to enjoy life the ways it’s meant to be. 

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